Monday, June 22, 2015

bumper crop!

the gardens are starting to explode with early crops like lettuce, radishes and soon peas, helped along by yesterday's soaking rain.  my garden is growing bow ties!   one of the two hand stitching projects that didn't get sent to storage was this busy box of blocks to be sewn.  this project was originally started to use up some tiny scraps left from some cherrywood solid scrap bags know the rest....more solids joined the stash and so more pieces were cut.  the good news is that "most" of the cherrywood scraps are in these little blocks; the bad news is there are now more solid scraps in my stash...aaarrrrrgh!   not sure how big the final project of these will be; one large quilt or a few smaller ones. either way, they are so fun and quick to sew and a good pick-me-up project.   ***   on today's agenda is to clean/vacuum the car, long overdue!  the skies cleared yesterday afternoon but showers again this morning, so hoping for clearing again....


  1. You never cease to amaze, you use up your scraps until there is only a thread or two left!

  2. Lovely assortment of solid bow ties. The scripture in your header is so appropriate for you!


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