Tuesday, June 2, 2015

another winner!

that would be jo morton's new line due to arrive this month.  do you see those paisleys?  how about those petite prints? how about that itty, bitty cheddar?  oh, i do love this collection!  no, i don't get paid to promote her fabric, just a devotee is all.  as i've often said, my admiration started with a workshop at Maine Quilts 3-4 years ago (or longer?) and ever since, my collection has ballooned.  but not just a collector, i use them often and for good reason.  some of these will definitely be coming to live with me.....can't wait!   ****   unlike texas, maine's rain has been continual for 3 days now but nowhere near as destructive.  it was needed and the farmers are relieved, but it's been cool again...time for mr. sun and summer to return.  and hoping today will get back to the machine for some sewing fun. 


  1. I just saw this line and agree with you... oh, SEW pretty!

  2. Jo Morton always busts the budget and is worth every penny!

  3. I am going to need some of the cheddar. That color is so hard to find.


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