Thursday, June 4, 2015

a winner!

here it is in print, wendy reed's "no bake applique" that took a 2nd place ribbon in the road 2ca show. done potholder method, it's traditional applique to the max.   a real honor and so deserved, too.  ***  quiet day in lobsterville....waiting for sun to emerge from heavy cloud cover but thankfully no rain.  no plans at all, a free day, maybe some sewing, maybe a nap....even so, a good day all around!


  1. Thanks for posting this Grace. I just picked mine up from Cyndi on Wednesday. Love it! My favorite magazine.

  2. Congratulations to Wendy, what an honor!

  3. What is "potholder method"? I haven't heard that term

    1. each square is like a potholder, aka a finished block with batt and back, then sewn together....also a type of quilt as you go method...popular during civil war when ladies made quilts for the soldiers....each lady would make a block in her home and then they would get together and put the blocks together resulting in a finished quilt....

  4. Hope things are alright in your world, I worry when there's no word...

  5. Potholder method is the way I learned; back in 1982. Then it was referred to as "lap quilting" made popular by Geogia Bonesteel with her PBS show at the time. I remember, a few years later, asking my quilt teacher for permission to sew the entire top together before I layered it with batting/backing to quilt it as a whole unit! She told me that I could do that. ;)


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