Tuesday, June 23, 2015

a thoughtful gift

a very kind internet quilter sent this to me recently.   it has oodles of nice blocks to make and although these are done with 30s fabrics, my voluminous civil war stash will probably be used to make these.   there are 99 blocks and not sure if i'll make all, but definitely some, and who knows, maybe all.   the blocks are 8" finished and could make several smallish quilts instead of one large one. thank you, quilty friend.....the best part is the encouraging stories that accompany each block.  it makes me feel not alone at all in my current challenges and often fortunate that mine are not worse than they are.  ***  holy cats and dogs batman! another day of nearly continuous downpours; and speaking of farmers, they should all be happy.  our one good day yesterday allowed for some strawberry picking and so today delish shortcake was on the menu.  *** not sure when i'll get any more sewing done, which makes me sad indeed.  but maybe can get more bow ties done from the busy box....we'll see!


  1. That should be a great project for delving into the CW fabrics you have on hand--or save for later when your stash is accessible.
    You are having downpours, we are unseasonably hot and dry. Wildfire season is getting an early start.

  2. Something enjoyable to look at while enjoying a tall glass of lemonade or ice tea this summer!

  3. Love the blocks; both the summer stars and the bow ties! Great looking book, what a boon to you!


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