Saturday, May 30, 2015

sneak peek

the pattern is an ann hermes design featured in the latest issue of American Patchwork and Quilting that arrived yesterday.  there was also a large quilt.  in this issue they have included directions for table toppers on a few of the projects, which is a good idea.  not sure about you but my math can definitely be fuzzy. at times!  can't recall if they had done this in previous issues or not but i give the idea a thumbs up.  am going sorta repro on this project with a real red, a brown and a cheddar print ***  another perfectly, astoundingly beautiful day....warm sun, gentle breezes, lush vistas. ***and don't forget, tomorrow summer sampler starts!


  1. That will be a very pretty little confection.
    Sounds like you are enjoying lovely weather!

  2. Lovely fabric combination! We are finally getting some much needed rain to quell the brush fire dangers here.

  3. I saw that pattern and thought of you!


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