Tuesday, May 19, 2015

sewin' on summer!

while my girls--old viking, phoebe and trudy--are temporarily on hiatus, been sewing on mom's vintage 1961 singer 328k whom i have named summer....it seemed like a 60s kind of name...remember those days?  hard to believe my sewing days started in the 1950s....it was just yesterday i do believe.  mom bought this as a repo portable; when taken back by singer, the original cabinet was badly damaged.  mom used it as a portable for many years and then got this cabinet.  got some stars from barbara brackman's sew along all cut and ready to put together.  i'm only 10 weeks behind (oh the horror!) and tomorrow is another chapter.  the limited stash i have on hand isn't enough for all those i need to make but will do what i can.  since the move can come any day, whatever i get done is a bonus.  and today's gratitudes?   nice early summer weather, a rhubarb pie in the works, a good night's sleep, lilacs filling the air and the promise of moving any day.....


  1. I pray everyday to be given what I need. I will add you to that prayer.

  2. Yaaaay for being able to sew even in difficult circumstances.

    Sydney, Australia

  3. I have 14 lilac bushes in my yard and right now the air is heavy with their scent. I love it! That, plus a good sleep and pie--truly blessings. : )
    Can I send you any specific repros for your stars?

  4. What fun to use an old favorite machine to brighten the corner where you are!

  5. Somehow I missed seeing this post and I'm thrilled that you can sew a little to save your sanity! Summer looks like a beautiful machine with, I'll betcha, a perfect stitch. You are keeping up a great attitude and I admire you for that.


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