Friday, May 29, 2015

a seaside sojourn

it was a perfect june day in may, so a trip to the water seemed right.  a quick picnic was packed and eaten here at the fisherman's memorial in boothbay harbor.   directly across from the memorial was this church with a carillon that played a few hymns while communing with sun and seabreeze.   idyllic and picturesque and thoroughly peaceful!  back at the mailbox a new quilt mag arrived with a cute tabletopper idea, so fabrics were once again pulled from the box and plans swirled around the gray matter.  so blessed to have been given this gift of a wonderful day that started by putting my mind at ease about some financial stuff.   hoping you found joy in your day today as well.....


  1. Gorgeous ocean views and the church is so very quaint! Soon you'll be sewing up a storm with your table topper.

  2. Sounds like a delightful day--I'm glad it brought you some peace.
    Interested to see the new project. : )

  3. Good on ya Grace for celebrating the day.

    Sydney, Australia

  4. Picturesque indeed! Praying for peace and calm to settle in and around you; you're finding inspiration at every turn!


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