Saturday, May 23, 2015

a civil war christmas

about a week ago mr. mailman brought this to me.  a nearby quilter that i've only met on the 'net asked me if i would like some civil war fabrics as she was downsizing.  she wanted to share with me and vic in NH, also a reproduction fabric devotee.  a box arrived with these....omigosh!  have no idea exactly how much is here but plenty to keep me in scraps for a while.  most pieces are 1 yard or less but there are a few of considerably more.  she wanted nothing in return but i have ways of reciprocating that will hardly be as generous, but hoping she will know how thankful i am for this stash of wonderful, quilt shop quality fabrics.  and yes, i intend to pay it forward in several ways.  vic posted photos of her share earlier this week.  i do hope this was prompted by a happy, not sad event, but feel blessed to be one of the lucky recipients.  *** it's a cool, sunny and wildly windy saturday here.  but just in time, summer starts tomorrow with hot weather.  am slowly working on some stars that i'll post in a day or two.   and in case you are in need of some eye candy, hop on over to cyndi's blog for a peek at some new fabrics she just got.  ooooh those 1892 'em!  *** and today's gratitudes are good health, catching up on sleep, summer arriving, family....and fabric of course!


  1. Oh Grace, those are just as beautiful as mine! Lyn has such great taste and she is so very generous, too. You are still in my prayers every day.

  2. What a generous gesture. Beautiful fabrics! You are blessed in ways you don't expect.
    I love reading the day's gratitudes. : )
    Keeping you in my prayers, as well!

  3. Woweeee!

    Sydney, Australia

  4. What a wonderful treat, you are certainly someone that will put all those scraps to good use!

  5. How wonderful! I hope this is a sign of a wonderful summer for you! Happy quilting!


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