Thursday, April 23, 2015

new header photo

back in 2012 i was in a small quilt swap and the recipient requested "something geometric in black and white" this is what i made and sent along.  i never heard a word from the recipient whether she liked or disliked the piece, but i thought it fit her request.  one of the few times i've had a less than good result from a swap.  the other was when i never received any swap blocks back after sending mine along.  that's a pretty good track record i think....i don't do a lot of swaps now because of postage costs, but i think they are fun.  ***  brrr....temps stuck in the 50s with gray skies and intermittent sun/showers...not quite warm enough for my liking yet.  *** not yet back to sewing which is distressing but can't come soon's my respite and relaxing place and i do miss it every day.


  1. I've only participated in three swaps and they were just individual ones where I knew the person with whom I was swapping. I have heard too many sad stories about group swaps and have been hesitant to join in.
    Quilting is my happy place, too, Grace. I hope you can get back to it very soon!

  2. Your quilt header photo is very striking and I'm sorry that it was never acknowledged by the lucky recipient. But you did have the fun of making it and you still have the picture, so that's good. Too bad that there's no sewing for right now, but I guess that your stuff is all safely stored.

  3. Isn't it irritating to send off a swap and then not hear a word? You don't know whether to make a polite inquiry or a pointed one. Right now I may be left high and dry with a swap I'm coordinating. I sent my share off to the next person on the list but the person who's supposed to send to me has not responded to reminders. (Maybe I'll be surprised....)

  4. I love your b&w quilt; too bad the results were less than affirming for you. One time, years ago, I participated in a Round Robin group. The participants each worked on a "round" (there were rules for each border) and then passed it along to the next person until it eventually made its way back to the owner. There was one woman who came to the official, ceremonial, "unveiling" party and asked if she could open hers first as she had another engagement and had to leave right away. "Of course", agreed everyone present. She opened her completed quilt top to the expected "ooohs" and "aaahs" and then skedaddled out of there. As the rest of the ladies opened theirs it became blatently apparent that the participant who had high-tailed it out of the gathering had done nothing on anyone else's... she had simply passed it along at each rotation without so much as taking one stitch. Looking back, I still can't believe that she never said anything, or asked for permission to drop out; but, rather, stayed in and had the nerve to collect her completed (by everyone else) prize and leave. No one ever heard from her again and that experience turned many in our group away from swaps and the like. I still like swaps and round robins though... my only "take away" from that experience is one of continued wonder... how could she ever enjoy her quilt, wouldn't she be reminded of her deception every time she looked at it? I wonder...


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