Wednesday, April 22, 2015

and the winner is.....

dondi murdock!   please send me your snail addy and i'll get the scissors out to you right away (probably friday).....and thanks to all for your kind comments over the past 1000 or so posts....hopefully soon will have more quilty stuff for you to read.......

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  1. I so so excited to get these scissors, but I am really grateful that you are so giving when your world is so upside down. My world has been a bit upside down the last three months but not physically like yours. Can you just cut fabric right now? Can you do some simple knitting? I know my hands go crazy when they cannot create. How about a cross stitch kit, a simple one, maybe? I think quilters quilt for therapy. It is calming and so healing to create beauty after cutting and doing math to come up with something unique. Good luck with all your chaos. Thank you again for thinking of other people. It is awesome that you gave away that beautiful quilt, too!


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