Wednesday, March 18, 2015

week 2 no stars

this is the 2nd week i haven't--or can't--make any stars for the sew along.  the designated fabrics--chrome yellow and green calico--are packed up.  the old viking is sitting here waiting for some action but nothing so far.  will wait one more wednesday and then pack it up for the trip south.  there has been plenty of sewing action on the hawaiian, however.  now starting my 3rd round of echo quilting on the white background and looking real good.  all those facebook photos are making my fingers twitch big time.  so very anxious to have fabric to fondle and books to peruse.  for someone who normally sews every single day on something, this is a too-long hiatus.  ***  march marches on with extreme wind and blinding sunshine.  we are now 3 hours added to daylight and it is delicious; we know warmer temps will come.  thought i might wake up in oz due to the gale-like winds but no munchkins were spied so we are still in kansas i guess!  now back to the hawaiian!


  1. That's o.k. Grace, we will wait for you to catch up when you unpack. Safe moving!

  2. Think of it as focused Hawaiian time that will propel you to a quicker finish! Did you decluttering a lot or were you already pretty minimalist?

    1. decluttered a bit but i am not really one who stockpiles extraneous stuff anyway...

  3. Is it tempting to grab a few FQs from a shop and make the stars? Hard to spend more money on fabric when you know you have so much stored.
    I can't wait to see your progress on the Hawaiian!

  4. ooh janet, budget is busted so cannot shop for fabric now, plus packing space minimal so must

  5. High winds are still here in NH, too! Glad to have my electricity tonight.


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