Saturday, March 7, 2015

stars update....

thanks for your patience during my brief hiatus.  most of what i needed to do is done, so have some breathing room AND blogging time.  did manage to keep up with my stars sew-along....bottom row madders and top row indigos.  see the top left blue star?  the background fabric with the yellow roses is one of my very faves.  i bought 3 yards, unheard of for me, back before 2000 or so at the old fabric place in woburn, massachusetts.  they were a lovely fabric store meaning crafty crap like you-know-who.  one could buy very nice garment fabrics of all types, drapery and slipcover fabrics and plenty of cottons.  they had delish remnant bins that were often large pieces, hence the 3 yards of this lovely print.  this was eons before the repro bug bit me, but i just loved the fabric and have used it in several happy to have some left for this project.  *** while i was gone coping with various things, not the least of which was a horrific february, winter finally gave up the ghost.  the feeling and smell of spring is everywhere and though it'll be a while before the snow all melts, it is inevitable.  we know it's spring when dairy queen opens for the!


  1. Great bunch of stars. I really love the fabric in the center of the bottom left star. I think I still have some of it.
    Glad you have the hope of Spring now. Seriously--Dairy Queen closes for Winter? Does the population in your area drop dramatically during winter? Around here they are open year round and we do have winter here, too. LOL

  2. janet, lots of places close for the winter....big disparity in population between winter and summer....

  3. Welcome back and I LOVE those stars! I know what you mean about a "certain" fabric. When I cut that final piece of a favorite fabric, I start to panic!


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