Sunday, March 15, 2015

great bargain!

if you live locally, this item is up for sale. it is an LL Bean quilt rack, never used, had it about 10 years, hardware still in package.  style is similar to that pictured....i'll try and get an exact photo today if anyone is interested.  must sacrifice at $10 but must be picked up, cannot mail.   mine is about 4-5' long....have always lived in smallish spaces and so was never put up....feel free to email me for directions; i'm near maine mall. *** and a word to the wise...if you are thinking about adding to your stash, try packing what you already have in boxes....just saying....


  1. That is a great bargain--wish I was close enough to pick it up!
    Helping my daughter pack for a couple of moves, we used much of her fabric stash to wrap delicate items and provide padding between heavy items. She still had boxes of just fabric. It is an eye-opener!

  2. It's a beauty for sure, wish I had a place for it, but no. Your packing is almost over, the end must be in sight soon, right?


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