Tuesday, March 17, 2015

erin go bragh!

photo of an old wallhanging now buried in a box someplace, but it's festive and green so.....work on the hawaiian continues as does the packing, tho remaining unpacked items are few at this point.  yesterday was a bit of a down day due to ongoing issues from surgery in 2010.  at some point will need a redo but this time will be looking for a legally blind, one-armed surgeon as would get a better result than from the previous supposedly unimpaired surgeon....who knew?  though i have ceased sending complaint letters to both the doctor and hospital out of religious conviction reasons, the reality hasn't changed.  i don't believe in litigation and, unfortunately, too many doctors take no responsibility for their mistakes without legal action, so it's like rearranging deck chairs on the titanic--pointless.  just that some days are better than others, like everyone else...moving on....


  1. Hoping for a better day for you today! The green quilt is so very Irish, it's perfect!

  2. A fun little Irish Chain--so appropriate for the day!
    Sorry about your ongoing issues, Grace. Sounds terribly frustrating. You are in my prayers.


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