Sunday, February 15, 2015

two for one....

my red/cheddar antique reproduction flimsy is now done....i love it and you should imagine it brighter than this photo really wows the room.  the photo from which i took this pattern was in black and white so i have no idea what colors were used originally.....since it came from the 1840s midwest, i doubt they were as bright but you know that i go for colors, even in muted/grayed reproduction and solid fabrics.  it is the cheddar, of course, that kicks this up several notches.   and as a bonus, the leftover strippy squares yielded this....

a mini repro quilt...and my version of math didn't fail me as there was plenty of red fabric to make the top and plenty of cheddar left to use as binding.  this will go in the flimsy pile for now while my quilting concentrates on the hawaiian....and my next flimsy?  the lady of the lake swap blocks.  *** yes, it's snowing and blowing and freezing cold here in lobsterville but no matter....the old viking is smokin' off to change the thread color and sew on!


  1. Your flimsies are gorgeous--both of them!
    The cheddar and red give such personality to the larger top. Love it!
    And that sweet little rail fence from the leftovers speaks to me. Nice work, Grace. Can't wait to see the Hawaiian all quilted!

    1. it's coming along....another month maybe....

  2. Wowza Grace - your red/cheddar quilt is simply wonderful.

    Sydney, Australia

  3. LOVE that red and cheddar! And the bonus quilt is adorable. Hope they will both be at the show this summer!


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