Monday, February 9, 2015

today's blocks....

brought to you from the whiteout metropolis in southern maine, first igloo on the left.  while sitting around waiting for mother earth to tilt just a bit, sewed up these chrome and cheddar blocks for the sew along.  they are stacking up quickly and so quick to make as well.  while cutting out pieces for these blocks, have also been cutting tumblers for another UFO in progress.  as for the red/cheddar hourglass repro, i'm over the midpoint hump now, with only 8 rows left to do to get this to the flimsy stage.  as for the hawaiian, just about to start the last quarter of the orange applique and once that is done, can start quilting the background.  my estimate is there is less white area than orange design, so an early spring finish is probable.  ***  and spring?  only about  6 weeks away, so the end of snowmageddon is a reality.  but this being another stormy and cold day, it's clam chowder for lunch again....delish!


  1. I really like the colors in these blocks, Grace.
    You are productive with your time, as always!

  2. Nice looking blocks there, Grace! I especially love that powder-puff gray paisley background on the right. Who can't but love a paisley?


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