Wednesday, February 4, 2015

quilt-cam progress....

sometimes technology is great....given our present weather situation and the difficulty of travel, thanks to my computer and TV, can still quilt with friends.  i don't have a big screen laptop but i do have a cable and a regular TV so watch bonnie hunter on TV...isn't that great!  this is what i worked on last night....
it's my current flimsy-in-progress of the antique repro and it's looking good i think.  might get it done today after some errands because there is more *SNOW* in our forecast tonight and tomorrow.  and once this is a done flimsy, can tackle these....

the 2nd part of this swap is now done with the arrival of the last set of blocks.  they are gorgeous...all batiks and white...a perfect combo!  and still the hawaiian progresses along.....these will keep me busy until our weather pattern changes for sure!


  1. Nice progress on your red/cheddar.
    Oh, those batik blocks are mouth-watering!

  2. You are so clever to set up a big screen Bonnie, smart lady! My power failed in the middle of that episode, sigh, so I'll catch up with the archived edition. Your progress on that red and cheddar is awesome and the blues are gorgeous! You have so much going on!

  3. Love the red and cheddar and I'm looking forward to seeing what you make from the blue batik blocks. Keep it up. You're inspirational.

    Sydney, Australia


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