Monday, February 2, 2015

on the fence

the latest issue of American Patchwork and Quilting arrived saturday and the details of the 4-patch sew-along were given along with a few different projects.  now, i have plenty of fabric to do this sew-along, plenty of 1.5" strips could whip up into little 4-patch blocks and now plenty of pattern ideas.  question is, should i?  with a hefty plaid stash, itching to use them, thinking some cheddar solid and my plaids would be a nice combo.  it's the perpetual quandary of someone with lots of fabric, lots of ideas and plenty of motivation BUT there is that UFO list and the finite-ness of time.  do i jump in on this?  for now will let the question percolate....can always jump in later, or never if that's the case.  ***  in the throes of another blizzard here, have a short to-do list that includes quilting of course.  plan to stay inside, bundle up, keep busy and quilt! 


  1. Oh a new project with a pretty picture is so seductive, isn't it! I say go for it while your motivation is in high gear. Start making big handfuls of the cute little 4-patches and if you run out of steam, you can just make a "Little Quilt."

  2. It is a wonderful quilt, and I like the sound of your fabric choices. I can understand the temptation.
    I also relate to your concerns about the UFO list and time restraints.
    I'll be curious to see what you decide. : )

  3. I have asked myself that question many times, I will wait to see what you decide. I am weathering the storm reading and playing on the computer knowing I will be shoveling later!

  4. Grace - there seems to be a lot of buzz in the blogosphere around this particular sew-along. I'm waiting to purchase a print copy of the magazine, which is probably at least a month away here in Australia, but even I'm thinking of making at least one of these quilts and I NEVER get involved in these things! I'm with Vic - this sew along is a great opportunity to use scraps on easy sewing while feeling connected with other quiltmakers around the world, and if you don't end up making the actual magazine project, you can always find ways of using the four patch blocks in other ways. So, I vote 'yes'! LOL

    Sydney, Australia


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