Friday, February 6, 2015

new routine

the awful truth.....our weekend and beyond...8-12" is whispered....there can't be a soul in maine who isn't sick of this weather by now.  we are in a pattern of sorts of our own....hunker down for a day or two, clean off car and warm up, then take out trash, go get mail, pick up essentials, get videos from library, then hibernate another day or two and then repeat.  driving is a real challenge due to the Himalayan-size snow piles at parking lots, sidewalks, etc.  we are thrilled for lengthening daylight, especially on sunny days, but frigid temps allow for not a smidgen of melting at all.  no global warming here.  have many blessings, though....electricity, warm clothing, warm apartment, plenty of quilting and books to read.  we'll get thru, we are tough stock acclimated to unexpected weather patterns.  jim cantore and on-demand TV are my new long as i don't run out of hot chocolate and low-salt chips i'll be fine!


  1. Love your post, very true.......while I may not always be thrilled about !ore snow I can appreciate the many blessings in life! Definitely need to make a dump/recycle run in the AM! Stay warm my friend.

  2. We are in such the opposite pattern. Our lows at night right now are higher than our normal daytime highs for this time of year. We hit 60 today--unheard of for February here!
    I'm glad that in spite of the tiring weather pattern you are experiencing, you are warm and safe, and blessed! : )

  3. No whining here, just the unvarnished truth about being snowed in with a dose of cabin fever. How about if I send you a few more inches of New Hampshire's snow? Uh oh, I see that homicidal gleam in your eye, better run!

    1. too late vic....we got it today from mother nature!


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