Wednesday, February 25, 2015

new header photo and taking a break

new header photo is a collection of swap siggie squares from online group called "real women quilt" from a few years ago.  my block is not included but i did make the letters in the lower right corner to identify the wallhanging.  aside from working on the hawaiian, busy packing.  it is now necessary for me to take a bit of a blogging break until things are less chaotic.  i'll continue to take photos of my work (fun?) and post at a later date and will, of course, try and keep up with my little stars sew-along.  aside from the repros, most all other fabric is packed up....i won't tell you how many boxes are fabric, will just say it's more than some and less than others...LOL!    see you in the spring!


  1. Oh Grace - I'm going to miss you. I haven't really understood all your references to moving over recent months, so I don't know where you're going or why. However, I hope it all goes smoothly, and I'll be really looking forward to having you back at the blog asap.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. Grace, I'm so glad that you are escaping New England winters that bother you so much! Praying that nothing gets lost or broken in transit and that you are happily settled soon.

  3. What sweet wishes from your dear friend Victoria, who I am sure is going to miss you terribly.
    I do hope your move goes well and will be praying for you.
    Is Mom moving somewhere else when you go or staying put for now?

  4. Grace, Good luck with your move! How exciting! I hope it's all that you want it to be. I'll miss your posts.

  5. I like to change my header around...........bit like having a


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