Tuesday, February 17, 2015

more snowy day sewing....

remember this?  it's a block made some time ago from an issue of quiltmaker's 100 favorite blocks...thought it would be a fun project to use up some small solid pieces...worked on it some at retreat last year and decided to try and get this flimsy done.  have no illusions about using all my scraps....that would be pure folly....but hoping to at least make a dent.  purposely didn't pack the solids hoping there would be less to pack after it's done.  it's a good way to celebrate being over the february hump, cruising toward march and spring.  st. patty's day is just around the corner!  and look what arrived on valentine's day....a surprise kaffe charm pack!

now that is what i call spring!


  1. Nice use of the solid scraps.
    Oh, yes, the Kaffe charms are very Springy. That will keep the winter doldrums at bay a bit! : )

  2. Yes, I recall that solids block, and it still looks terrific!
    Scraps are always inspiring and a little dash of charm pack adds to the mix!


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