Monday, February 23, 2015

double pinks done

first thing this morning after the usual stuff, sat down at the old viking  and got my double pink stars done to add to the growing pile.  this time tried to be less matchy matchy and think they turned our ok....loving this sew along, so do-able and lets me play in my gorgeous stash of civil war fabrics....and if you see this pinup gal, be sure and wish her happy dear mom...can easily see why my dad was attracted to her...and she has grown in beauty that radiates even to this day....happy birthday mom!


  1. Great stars--that one in front really speaks to me!
    What a sweet tribute to your Mom.

  2. LOVE you blocks. I really love that background choice in the pink and tan one. I think I have some somewhere. Will probably spend a few hours tonight looking for it! Your mother is indeed lovely. Wish her a happy birthday from a blogging friend.


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