Saturday, January 17, 2015

weekend mission

the blocks from last year's lady of the lake swap were sooo gorgeous, decided to jump in for part 2 this year.  so this weekend will be making 24 more from different blue batiks and send off tuesday.  getting them done in 3 days should be easy.  it's another very cold day today so the old viking will be smokin!  have avoided most swaps due to postage costs but every now and then one is too tempting to miss.  cannot resist blue and white quilts!  *** not much else doing in lobsterville.  quilty events are hard to find this time of year.  more daylight is starting to be noticeable so everyone is more hopeful that spring is getting closer.....including me!


  1. Mmmm, those are pretty blue batiks. I love blue/white quilts, too!

  2. Those are such pretty blocks and I love the little pops of other colors, like the pinks that shine through the blues. I have begun to notice that sunset is more like 5pm rather than 4:30. Eeek, soon it will be too hot! LOL!

  3. Rejoicing right along with you at the lengthening days... so good for the soul and spirit. Your blue batiks seem custom-tailored to "lake" blocks, this swap will provide wonderful resources for a stunning, soothing quilt!


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