Thursday, January 29, 2015

taking shape....

given a few more snow days and this flimsy could be done....and as it happens, tomorrow and then again monday are predicted to be just that.  there may be evidence of global warming someplace, but definitely not here.  if temps ramp up a few more degrees, we may just get mostly rain tomorrow but the word "noreaster" is being used for monday, though.  but i for this flimsy, all the little strippy units are made and most of the red solid squares are cut as well, now working on the hourglass blocks.  i wish i had the photo where i found this vintage quilt; it was from an old photograph in an issue of "quilt life" a couple of years ago.  the photo was black and white, but i wanted to use some repro fabrics and thought the red/cheddar would look nice.  it'll be hand quilted of course and should look nice when done.  *** over half the hawaiian design is now quilted; that's the orange part.  thought it might be all quilted by end of february, but can see now not gonna happen.  perhaps end of march it will be done.  *** took advantage of sunny, dry day to do errands; bank, recycling, gas station, groceries, library...replenishing the larder et al.  though not working is sometimes boring, so very glad don't have to venture out in awful weather.  now back to sewing!


  1. Really looking good, Grace. : )

  2. That flimsy is flying together, good work! My monitor reads the red as hot pink which is wild!


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