Wednesday, January 7, 2015

silly me....

the plan was to use up the rest of my batik scraps making these pineapple blocks, 25 of them, for a wallhanging, a frugal plan.....just couldn't stand to toss or fling these gem-like pieces.  now that the second round is started, i realize that there will be plenty of scraps left over after these blocks are done, a complete miscalculation but no surprise since math is almost foreign to me.  so, now while working on these blocks, will have to devise another project to REALLY use up the rest of the batik scraps.  it's a lemons to lemonade task....using up the scraps, and i will forge ahead with pleasure!   ****  since most of the country is in a deep freeze, we are no exception.  plenty of warm clothes and with days a tad longer, our sunshine might help a bit too.  it's part of winter in maine and no surprise at all to us, despite the frenzy the weather channel perpetuates.  we plan for it, adjust things accordingly and wait for it to's how things are done in our neck of the woods....


  1. Your batik pineapples are beautiful! Could you just make a second batch of blocks for another wall hanging to gift, or will you be tired of making these blocks? I am no good at calculating fabric either. I often am surprised to run out before a project is finished, or amazed at how much I have left when I thought I had figured things out so carefully. : )
    We are experiencing unseasonably warm temps. In the 40s for us today--unheard of in January. We were in the deep freeze last week.

  2. Pretty, pretty pineapples! I especially like the spot of white from the center being echoed out at the edges, too.

  3. Gorgeous blocks, Grace. Perhaps turn the wallhanging into a lap quilt to use up all the scraps?

    Sydney, Australia

  4. These are beautiful! Paper piecing still baffles me.

  5. What is it about batik scraps? I have a box of 'em. If you run low, Grace, let me know!


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