Friday, January 23, 2015

scrappy thursday

while trying to decide on the next project, was confronted with the bin of 2.5" strips which, putting it mildly, was in disarray, not to mention that all weren't even 2.5" wide so.....sat down, dumped it out and proceeded to bring order out of chaos.  found that the most were red and brown, few blues and hardly any yellows or pinks.  quite a stack of neutrals also.  did participate in some swaps last year which explains the findings.  the right side pile is stuff that doesn't belong, so will deal with "later".  the left is the newly organized strip stash, a temporary fix until a better system can be utilized.  hoping organization mojo will hold until can resolve completely.  right side pile includes some very short pieces that will go into 2.5" squares, the rest into usable strips.  playing in scraps is almost as fun as buying new fabrics and way more frugal doncha know!


  1. I agree Grace - sometimes playing with fabric scraps is wonderful wonderful therapy and very cheap entertainment. LOL

    Sydney, Australia

  2. I've "tamed" a couple of bins this way recently -- sorting, pressing, rolling -- and in the process re-discovering some good stuff.

  3. Now that you've sorted these out is there a new project in the works?

  4. Fabric fondling is with a purpose when you get such nice order to your scrap bins! It looks so much better, but I liked the "messy" bin, too!

  5. Do you ever challenge yourself to make a quilt using just what you found in a bin like that? Kind of fun.


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