Saturday, January 24, 2015

scrappy AND snowy....

weather outside today was frightful so took the opportunity to corral that pile of scraps; fired up the old iron and ended up with these piles of 2.5" squares, inchies, 1.5" strips and 2"strips.  to be fair, many of them were already 2" wide but it did amass quite a few that'll now need a home of their own until they can be used.  seems like have had many "scrappy" days lately, but no doubt due to using up stash, or at least trying to.  **** being just about no-buy since late last year, my resolve has been sorely taxed to have to delete so many email sale notifications and new fabric photos.  the fact is, even if i continued to buy regularly, couldn't begin to get all the fabric i's a sickness for sure!  ***  and can you believe?  a week from tomorrow is february....month of groundhogs, valentines and ever lengthening days here in lobsterville....all good!


  1. All good is right! I well remember the day I came to that very same realization re: buying fabric... will I ever live long enough? I understand exactly what you're saying. Working with scraps has some sort of therapeutic effect on me; I always feel better. But, having said that, there's a wierd magic going on in the scrap bins; no matter how many I use they refuse to ever become empty!! ;) Enjoy your snow~

  2. Scraps are great fun and yours look very nice and neat now! Even if you don't do anything else with them, they look and store better!

  3. I'm sure you will find a good way to use your scraps. I need to follow your example and work harder on not buying!
    What a pretty quilt in your new header!


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