Thursday, January 1, 2015

new year, new project

the too-short days got to me and i've been ogling those kaffe charm squares for a few weeks now, wondering what i could make from them.  the 30 UFOs are being ignored temporarily while i finish the jelly roll flimsy and play with these bright colors.  with some cheddar strips and the kaffe charms, going to make this little piece--only 40 nickels but a wowza feeling.  the days are starting to lengthen, but until it's daylight at 5 pm (sometime in january), this will chase away the gloom.  *** saw the new year in last night and up early this AM, so a nap is on today's agenda, along with the sewing of course AND the parade too.  ***  the UFO challenge is on and thankfully i am not in the top 10, so i've time to have a finish before my name looms closer to the top.  quilting on the hawaiian is coming along nicely; such a relaxing pastime and anxious to see the design unfold.  am using aurifil white quilting thread  for the first time and it is terrific....the gals--old viking, phoebe and trudy--love it too.  hope you enjoy this first day of 2015!


  1. Happy New Year, Grace! Looking forward to seeing all your finishes in 2015.

  2. Looks like a very fun distraction--I mean quilt--Grace! : )
    Sounds like you had your day well planned. Hope it was a good one!

  3. Bright and beautiful with that cheddar!

  4. Happy New Year, so hard to resist when the fabric is calling,


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