Tuesday, January 6, 2015

little flimsy

busted almost half of a charm pack on this little piece....the lighter rectangles are from a jo morton fabric.....gorgeous!  today working on some little pineapple squares, paper pieced, batik scraps, an official UFO.  really enjoying quilting on the hawaiian in this deep freeze, although we are warm but not overly so.  the heat got turned up high, but for some reason the inside temp stays the same.  the complex is 70s era and there are no real storm windows; most are drafty and loose.   the sills are covered with rolled-up towels to keep out some of the draft, but with 2 large picture windows, it helps but not totally effective.  not complaining at all, tho....in fact, when weather is extreme like this, makes me more mindful of how blessed i am to have basic comforts to enjoy....


  1. Love your little piece, Grace--and your attitude! : )

  2. Nice looking little flimsy, there! I love those puss-in-the-corner blocks for their secondary pattern when all joined up. Drafty here, too, so I can empathize with you.


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