Monday, January 12, 2015

design "wall" monday

not wanting to neglect the old viking while hand quilting the hawaiian, these little blocks got paper pieced this weekend.  though not all done, they do work up fairly quickly and are so darn cute!  bonnie made an entire quilt of these 5" blocks but me, i'm not up to THAT task.... another monday is here and january is almost half over.  in maine january and february are hibernation months, unless one enjoys skiing, hiking, snowmobiling, hunting, ice fishing and boating or any other frigid weather pursuit.  my most strenuous outdoor winter activity is clearing off the car after a storm.  it's nice to have quilting as an all-weather pastime.....


  1. You made all of these blocks this weekend? You say they work up quickly, but that is a lot of blocks--and I think they take a fair amount of time. You and your Viking worked hard this weekend, I'd say. : )

  2. I totally agree with Janet, that's quite a haul of blocks to have made in one weekend, and they are beautiful!!

  3. Oooooh, I forgot to mention how pretty your pink pinwheels quilt is on the header!!!


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