Saturday, January 3, 2015

bright flimsy

one charm pack is busted and i've this little flimsy ready to baste.  have started on another little project that will use up half a charm pack.....a nice little reproduction type piece.  more quilting has been done on the hawaiian as well.  waiting on stormy weather here after a long break with balmy temps.  the larder has been filled and so ready for a few days inside with videos and sewing....not the most pleasant aspect but it is a luxury to be able to stay off bad roads.  have been fortunate to get thru holiday season without battling the elements.  now for a late lunch, some errands and back to the old viking.....always a good companion!


  1. Wow Grace - it is bright, but it looks sensational.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. Those cheddar lattices give a wonderful unity to this; nice job!


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