Monday, January 26, 2015

blizzard project

while brief sunshine is gone and it hasn't really started snowing here yet, that only means once it has, won't be over until early wednesday morning.  now that necessaries are stocked, can continue on with this UFO; it's my version of a quilt seen in a vintage photo.  last night printed off some graph paper and mapped it out to get a tally of how many hourglass, strip and solid squares it would require.  yesterday spent time sewing up little strips into little squares; today have to cut squares for side triangles and hourglass squares. in typical fashion, bought fabric without doing the math as to how much it would require, so hoping i have enough.  originally bought 3 yards of red and 3 yards of cheddar, so we'll see.  my go-to quilty math book is packed without considering it might be needed.  ***  being of a certain age, recall vividly the blizzard of 1978; was living in massachusetts and DD was still preschool age.  the ex was home from work for a week, a definite challenge for us both.  at that time they predicted "just a dusting" but revised once the exact pattern of the storm became evident.   it was eerie to see national guard trucks only on the roads; the ex and some neighbors walked about 2 miles to grocery to get what little they could.  later in the week a milkman came down the street selling milk, butter, bread and eggs.  times have changed since then; forecasting is better, information more widely disseminated.  being stranded in my sewing space is no challenge at all, rather enjoyable, though i miss not having DD around.  in many ways, life is better and with any luck, this blizzard will result in a finished flimsy!  


  1. I am really liking your start to this quilt. It will be a wonderful scrap creation with your constants of red and cheddar.
    Hope you don't lose power so you can sew to your heart's content!! : )

  2. Great looking beginnings! I recall a six hour white knuckle trip driving to get home in the blizzard of 1978, Storm "Larry." Don't they name the storms now?


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