Wednesday, January 14, 2015

an early finish

barbara brackman has started a star sew-along using a different type of civil war fabric/color each week.  today's first is using turkey red.  rather than making an entire quilt--big or small--each week, have chosen to make 3 blocks per week that will give me a twin size quilt at the end of 49 weeks.  and here they are!  another reason for only 3 blocks is that most of my stash is FQs or half yards only, which should make shopping the stash for all the blocks pretty easy.  this is gonna be fun!  *** with frigid weather here it's ideal for quilting on the hawaiian, not that the apartment isn't warm, but a snuggly quilt is sooo, well...comforting!  amazed at how quickly it is coming along, so hoping for a finish before spring arrives.  so what are you sewing today?


  1. oh Grace, they are beautiful! Guess I need to get busy tonight!

  2. You think the Hawaiian might be finished that soon? Wowza!

    Sydney, Australia

  3. Hmmm, very nice reds. Be careful or Vic might snatch them, knowing her love of reds. : )
    Wouldn't that be exciting to have the Hawaiian done by then?

  4. Oh boy, Janet is right, those are gorgeous! I'm gonna dig in today!


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