Tuesday, December 30, 2014

jelly roll progress

coming to the end of my jelly roll so trying a layout here.  i think i have enough to squeak out one more row of 7 squares which will be an okay size for a throw.  not following any particular pattern here, just trying for a pleasing look.  this will be hand quilted at some point, maybe a 2015 finish....we'll see.  for now, though, the jelly roll is history, which is a nearly 3-yard bust in anyone's book.  ****  winter temps are back so it is cold here today, teens this AM and low 20s for the day.  no more going out with only sandals on.....the cold is biting but at least there is no S-N-O-W  or  I-C-E, 2 ugly words in my vocabulary.  *** back to the machine to see if i can get this flimsy together...definitely a sewing day here in lobsterville and perhaps tackle some charm squares as well....

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  1. Congrats on busting your jelly roll! Looks really good!
    We were lucky this week and got the cold temps and the snow and ice. Supposed to warm up next week. We can hope.


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