Monday, December 29, 2014

first closeup

quilting on the hawaiian has begun and so far enjoyable and rewarding.  a lot to go of course but it'll keep me busy during the winter and warm as well.  our spring temps are history with the return of normal winter feeling.  have put aside the christmas stocking for now to concentrate on this.  as for machine sewing, yesterday during quilt-cam whipped up some scrappy foursies for a possible project in 2015 and also worked on the jelly roll christmas flimsy.  today hope to get that done and possibly work on a couple of small projects swirling around in the gray matter.  *** it's monday again, and with most of the holidays over, it's back to mundane starting with laundry.  the tree usually comes down new year's day but might do that sooner....not sure.  so enjoy the week after christmas when all is calm and the world seems to take a breather.  it's an organizational, regrouping time for me, someone filled with anticipatory excitement for a new year.  my wishes for a safe, healthy, prosperous and fun new year to you all!


  1. Who-hoo! You've begun. Very exciting Grace!

    Sydney, Australia

  2. Gorgeous as usual! I love the light quilting thread against the fiery oranges and hot pinks, too.

  3. Beautiful quilting, Grace.
    Hoping for good things for you in the New Year!


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