Saturday, October 25, 2014

another finish...

so here is "corn maze" all tied and done, ready to give away.  this represents 10+ yards out of my stash and another UFO off my list.  i love this pattern.  while i was making this quilt, was thinking of all the color combos that could be used to make more, equally stunning.  some nickel squares, some 2.5" strips and a whole lot of 1.5" strips and voila!  with the right colors it makes a real statement.  *** departure day tomorrow and just as promised, sun is out and shining bright, albeit cool but normal for late autumn.  the to-do list is nearly history and 2 weeks of fun ahead.   i love vacations!


  1. This is a very striking quilt, and as you say, it would look great in so many color combos!
    WooHoo! Tomorrow!! I am excited for you! Enjoy--as I know you will!

    1. Grace, beautiful quilt! I love a scrappy quilt that looks "pulled together." Great job, very generous of you. BTW, I have some of the Michael Mller Christmas fabrics you ordered from Amazon. Can't wait to see what you do with them. Looking for inspiration:).

  2. Another exquisite scrap quilt from you Grace. Well done.

    Have fun on your holiday.

    Sydney, Australia

  3. Beautiful quilt and pattern Grace! Someone is going to love it.


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