Thursday, August 7, 2014

using it up

when life quilts give you scraps, gotta use them up.  today making yet another project from daydreams scraps.  and not done using them up yet.  those 2 layer cakes aka 10" square bundles i bought will be spread around plenty.  most of what is left will only yield inchies; that is 1.5" squares for a UFO in progress.  but there are still some triangles left for pieces a bit larger, probably 2.5" that will be ideal for most anything.  thanks to bonnie hunter, i visualize my scraps as being part of yardage that was paid for with real money, meaning scraps have plenty of monetary value.  anything that ends up in the trash can is money down the drain.  have you checked your trash can lately?  of course, more scraps means an overflowing scrap basket of which i have 2, so there will be plenty of scrappy sewing in my future.   **** this is my weekend and so far it's been wonderful.  a rainy day is  sewing day but hoping for some beach weather tomorrow.  gotta jam as much fun as possible into 2 days off! 


  1. Four-patch heaven, can't wait to see the fun things you'll do with these, Vacuum? What's that? LOL!

  2. Isn't it fun to play with scraps? I get so caught up in it I neglect my big projects far too often!
    These scraps are so pretty! : )


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