Monday, July 14, 2014

monday design wall

up early this morning to finish this little quilt flimsy.  just have to add the borders, baste it and quilt and i'll have another UFO finish soon.  no doubt victoria will be pleased to see i have used the little template she gave me last year.  she and i are civil war fabric twins....if you look at her stash and at mine, they might look the same.  we love the same fabrics, she heavy on reds and me with blues.  her large tumbler quilts are done whereas i am languishing far behind.  ****  and how good is it to be able to sew first thing in the morning?  priceless!


  1. I have a tumbler in my future. Looking good!

  2. A Civil War tumbler quilt--it doesn't get much better than that!. I'm right there with you on the CW fabrics, but I am trying to decide what color I favor. Hmmm--that is a tough one. I'll give it some thought. : )

  3. Oooooh, so pretty! It even has the right sequences of light and dark, something at which I was a complete failure, LOL! Nevermind!


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