Friday, July 18, 2014

in the frame!

this little quilt is more than half quilted now.  the border is a molly b rust print and the binding will be the same.  it is free form quilted of course.  it doesn't bust much stash but getting it done gets it OFF the UFO list for good.  now i just have to move on to the large tumbler top, which probably won't happen right away.  **** july is nearly history and august is for applique on the hawaiian.  i've also to finish up the last few rows of cabana daydreams flimsy.  *** had a string of gorgeous weather and beach days, so sewing has slowed down.  must drink up these wonderful weather days while they are here....february is a loooooong month!  ****  though i am anxious to move from this unpleasant complex, the reality is i've been mostly packed for about 6 months now and am needing some sewing things; confess i was not good at all about labeling most of the boxes.  am in a quandary about whether to unpack and reorganize the best i can or purchase what i know will be duplicates in fabric for upcoming projects.  the frugal me says to unpack, but difficult to give up on the need to vacate this terrible apartment situation.  time to make a pros/cons list and come to a solution.  in the meantime, will continue on status quo and enjoy summer!


  1. If you unpack then you can have more $$$ for the move when it happens.

    As for my tastes, they evolve. 30s are whispering to me....

  2. Love the fabrics, but you know my love for repros. I love how you plan what you will be working on it certainly helps you get things done! I agree with Kathleen, unpacking will save a few $$$$ for a future move, that being said you are the best judge of what is right for you.........Have a wonderful day Grace!

  3. Okay, can you make a plan to unpack only ONE box, the one that you think, think, think, might be the right one with what you want? And then really do a great label/listing of the contents when you close it back up? If it is just one box, maybe it will not be so very overwhelming.
    I love the way that you are quilting the lil' tumblers!!! Good quilt!


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