Wednesday, May 8, 2013

today's mission.....

should i choose to accept it, of course, is to strip up these nickels into pieces for some little spool blocks.  i know, i know, wasn't going to make any BUT i have an idea in mind and so jumping on the little spool bandwagon with both feet!  now that the autumn change binding is nearly finished AND the maine quilts piece flimsy is just about done AND my little quilt swap blocks are almost finished (whew), i can take a bit of a detour.  not for long, though, as the temps are creeping up--63 right now at nearly 10 am--and need to quilt the last border on the amish center diamond and get that bound for another finish before summer officially arrives.  **** so many lovely UFOs calling my name, it is difficult to choose just what's next!  ***** and a big thanks to all who peeked at and commented about "suddenly spring," paraphrase sally field, "you liked it, you liked it!"


  1. Sometimes we just have to cave in to the urge to start something that is preying on our mind. : )
    Oh, I remember seeing Suddenly Spring. Very striking, Grace. I was reading, but didn't take time to comment while DD was visiting. We were hopping all day, every day, but it was wonderful! : )

  2. What a delicious scrap pile for the spools!


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