Thursday, May 30, 2013

summer day sewing

 ok, trying this again.  scooted over to internet explorer and saw that many pictures got posted, not sure why.  it's blogger up to its old tricks, i guess.  so in the top photo is the magazine page showing the quilt in the background.  have no idea how big the original blocks were, probably smaller than my 4" finished ones will be; even so, i like the pattern and the fabrics, so we will see how it progresses. 
it is a summer day here in coastal maine and we did make the short trip to the ocean for a bit with many more to come, i hope.  the first day of my weekend is nearly over with the promise of another good day tomorrow.  i do believe summer is really here now!  


  1. Where did you find this photo--is the pattern there, too, or are you just figuring this one out yourself? Looks like it will be a great scrap quilt.

  2. I love that block, well done! I can't wait to see more. Summer has done the hestitation step in arrving here; but, finally, I do believe it has arroved here to stay too.

  3. I admire your bold color choices for this block and, as always, I'm in love with those Civil War fabulous fabrics!

  4. This looks very interesting, can't wait to see it finished


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