Tuesday, May 28, 2013

sittin' thrifty

for some time been looking around for a new sewing/computer chair.  the one i have came from the thrift a while ago, has no wheels and is "on its last legs" (no pun intended!).  checked with several retailers, craigslist, freecyle...all the usual places.  then when at the thrift last week, saw this for the exorbitant price of.....$2.99...that's right just under $3!  it's a tad large for my tiny space but it's in good condition and quite sturdy for long-term use.  i've cleaned the upholstery but still appear to be a few minor stains.  i could recover it and may, but it's nearly perfect for my needs.  with carpet, it doesn't glide across the floor as easily as i'd like, but for the price and condition, can't balk.  **** looks like warmer temps finally headed our way.  that means my ears won't be cold anymore....LOL!  *** and sewing?  been quilting on a little swap quilt and doing some machine stuff that isn't ready for showing off yet, but soon. 

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  1. I love a good thrift store find--congratulations on yours, Grace!
    I'm trying to save up for a good sewing chair. I was first trying to save up for a chair for someone visiting my sewing room to sit upon, but I filled that need at the thrift store for $5. I like your thrift store prices better than mine. : )


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