Tuesday, May 14, 2013

says who?

for an early birthday gift, victoria gave me this panel when we met up last week.  as if anyone couldn't tell this was true, judging by the stacks of fabric in plain sight.  the elfa drawers are full, there are no empty shoeboxes OR places to put them, even if they existed.  so, for now just stacking it up.  not that i don't like having it to look at all the time as it inspires me and urges me to use it up.  **** today just finishing up piecing my swap little quilt, next is basting and quilting.  i'm also working on a quick project to use up more fabric from last fall's retreat.  at this rate, i will be ready for more when this year's trip rolls around.  today i'll also be marking the last border on the amish center diamond so it can be finished up this month.  i simply gotta keep my nose to the UFO grindstone because why?   i want to make more!

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