Thursday, May 2, 2013

playtime with phoebe

thought i should get phoebe out and give her a run thru to make sure all is in order for sunday's workshop, and it is!  she is purring along like usual.  here are some of my pinks and greens i'll be using.  the plan is to get everything prepped so when i get to the workshop i can get right to the sewing part and bonnie's ruler instruction and fabulous tips.  she said she has a bit of a throat tickle, but hoping she will be hale and hearty for her busy weekend.  **** today started binding the autumn change quilt!  that'll be a finish soon, then it's quilting the last border on the amish center diamond for a 2nd finish in may....2 bed size quilts off the list!  good thing as i have 2 ready to take their place--the scrappy indigo flimsy needs batt/back and baste and then this workshop top the same.  after the may quilts, it's small projects and applique work on the hawaiian.  i would so love to have that basted before 2013 is history..... 


  1. I would love to get a featherweight for classes. I struggle to lug my heavy machine to and from classes.
    Enjoy your Bonnie class!

  2. Have fun at the workshop. Now that I no longer live in Maine, I have discovered a marvelous quilt shop called the Busy Thimble. Maybe you can visit it someday in my stead,


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