Friday, May 3, 2013

paintbox anyone?

this pattern is from edyta sitar, just found it in an email from hancock's of paducah.  wouldn't this make a delicious scrappy quilt?  i would probably use white instead of the beige and a different applique design in the corners, but i love, love, love a scrappy quilt like this!  wait, though, don't i have a scrappy ocean waves in progress?  i certainly do.  oh, and the scrappy honeycomb amish quilt too?  yep, i do.  and the scrappy boston commons waiting to be quilted?  so i am SURE i can pass up this one; seems i have scrappy covered at the moment.  *** another cool spring day here, that breeze from the north is keeping our temps too low for my liking.  it's sunny but still not what you'd call warm, but better than minnesota with 12" of snow overnight.  oh yeah, way, way better.     


  1. I love her patterns and that one is beautiful. My local quilt shop had one of hers on display that was gorgeous. It had a lot of appliqued flowers but they were all fusible, which I do not care for,

  2. It's a wonderful quilt, Grace - but then I've never met a HST that I didn't like. Very disciplined of you not to start cutting fabric for this one immediately! LOL

    Sydney, Australia

  3. Was just thinking it would be a way to use up some bonus triangles, but I already have two projects doing that now

  4. Okay, fess up, Grace! You actually OPENED an email from Hancock's of Paducah? Oh my, nobody can resist that temptation, LOL! Hope everything goes perfectly for your Bonnie workshop with SMM.


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