Saturday, May 25, 2013

notice anything?

was sorting out my shirtings drawer and realized it should be renamed the BLUE shirtings drawer.  over half of the pieces i have are various shades of blue on cream or blue on beige.  trouble is, when looking for a shirting for a project, almost always not looking for a blue one!  that's right, they are just languishing!  i just finished the scrappy indigo and am so not in the mood to make another blue/white (or similar) quilt top.  and not blue/brown either as i'm mired in "just takes 2" brown and cream, soooo will have to use them in a civil war scrappy somehow.  not that it can't be done, mind you, but it's the act of actually doing one.  *** weather is perfectly dreadful today and has been all week for that matter.  pity the poor souls who lugged those RVs all the way up the pike to God knows where for a holiday weekend of fun and relaxation.  it'll be cards and TV inside the RV all weekend i'd say.  my guess if it actually stops raining and the sun actually comes out on sunday, there'll be plenty of slots available wherever.  not a good start to the "way life should be" tourist season at all.  **** disclaimer:  the jo morton shirtings are in a separate tote, so there are a few more....


  1. Well, at some point you must have loved blue shirtings. Funny how we seem to gravitate to certain colors, but that isn't always what we need! : )

  2. They are so beautiful just all a-jumble in the photo. I think that I recognize that almost purple blue toile we found on our day of fabric shopping? Sometimes it is truly inspirational to just paw through our own stash and just playing with combinations.

    1. it is there vic, and isn't it gorgeous! i could have got the whole bolt, really...

  3. funny I had to smile at this one , I have to push my self to buy a variety of shirtings!
    I usually go for the brown and blacks....
    never enough shirtings you need a trip to mardens!


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