Friday, May 31, 2013

not quite good enough...

to send out for a swap.  this little quilt is 24" square and made with my delish civil war repro fabrics.  it is hand pieced and hand quilted.  but, wasn't happy with the way the squares join together, i.e. the junctions, so it will stay with me and another will be sent in its place.  i followed the sewing lines but just wasn't satisfied.  i am no expert by any means, and no perfectionist either, but was afraid the recipient might be disappointed.  as mentioned many times before, i sew for fun and what might be acceptable to me might not be for somebody else.  *** that being said, the one that is being sent is getting its binding sewn down today.  i have a week to get this package out and have some other goodies being included.  a photo will be posted once it's been received and opened.  *** another summery day here and have lots planned for my 2nd weekend day, basting the maine quilts piece and another little summery wallhanging among other things.  plus have to find another portable project to take along and finish.  and with the churn dash blocks all done, the flimsy can now be assembled.  see?  plenty of ways to spend and ENJOY the day!


  1. This looks wonderful! But the photo is not close up so maybe we don't see the imperfections of which you speak. I love the cheddars and chrome yellows worked in with the quaint Civil War stuff. I don't know how you did those curved seams!

  2. *LOL* Are you kidding me Grace? I enlarged the photo--so every point doesn't touch the tip of every other point--I LOVE this little improved 9-patch, and can't imagine anyone being disappointed to receive it! It is gorgeous!

  3. I think it's gorgeous and if I were the person receiving it I'd be thrilled. You're being to hard on yourself. On the other hand you get the keep that beauty for yourself now, so it's not all bad!!

  4. looks good to me
    I would have been thrilled and loved to have received this
    its beautiful, enjoy it
    great fabric choices :)

  5. It's the caring in putting it together that counts. I understand about swapping and caring about the recipient. I love it.


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