Saturday, May 11, 2013

not a fabriholic but....

a fabricologist!  thank you, mrs. goodneedle, for clearing that up for me.  so, no addiction, just a deliberate gathering of woven cottons for a purpose....and there is a purpose for each and every piece, scrap and FQ.  **** saturday was an enjoyable day here in lobster land celebrating dear brother's birthday, sewing and relaxing until my weekend is over.  the maine quilts top is a flim; not quite a flimsy but very, very close.  the little swap project is progressing nicely.  some leaders/enders were sewn up.  some tumblers were sewn together.  only wish i could find a place to put this stack of fabric, except for the pinks/greens of course, they have a purpose AND a place. 


  1. But, as a fabricologist, certainly all of your fabric has a purpose, if not a place! : )

  2. Ah yes, finding a place for it, there`s the rub. As a fabricologist I need to see my fabric frequently therefore I need it spread all over.


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