Friday, May 24, 2013

a thriftin' day

today found myself at a thrift looking for nothing in particular but saw plenty of interesting stuff.  sale was on pink and white tags and found this XL shirt in very good condition half price.  unlike some who get seriously cheap deals--like $1 per shirt or bag--none of those are common around here.  but for a pittance of $3 (in NH, no tax), this was a good deal.  must be at least a yard, the condition and colors are very good and not the usual blue/white stripe.  there was another i really liked--alas, not on sale--so it got left behind, but it was a salmon orange color with a stripe.   i can get plaids at marden's at a good price, so don't bother much with shirts and the deconstructing process.  if, however, they could be had for a mere $1, i might buy more as that is less than marden's per yard price.  *** it's a rainy, dreary weekend here so far, foggy in places, in the 60s with not much improvement predicted.  not a big deal for us as we don't have much planned.  *** tonight is quilt cam and i am going to work on finishing up the tablerunner squares.  some basting is also on the agenda. 


  1. I like the colors of this shirt. Fun to find something so different.
    Maybe it is just my computer, but there are 5 pictures of this shirt here--one very small and four VERY large. What is up with that?

    1. gee janet, not sure why; blogger has been acting weird the past few days, not sure why. i only see 1 picture...anyone else having the same problem? i live in a building with several internet cable subscribers and sometimes mayhem happens...

  2. I'm getting 5 pictures also, but mayhem happens (mine seems to be a tendency to post sideways). also have expensive shirts at the thrift stores here, have never seen a bag sale but they did have a 50% sale recently and I broke down and bought a couple

  3. The shirt looks like something I'd like to wear! I've gotten some good clothing bargains at our local Salvation Army recently. I don't buy shirts to cut up, but if I go on a plaid-sewing spree and want to enliven my stash I may have to go to the thrift shops -- fabric stores aren't stocking much homespun plaid these days.


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