Thursday, April 25, 2013

springy enough?

i think so too.  these are the scraps i've pulled for bonnie hunter's workshop next week.  some of the greens are leftovers from orca bay and some of the pinks are leftovers from a couple of baby quilts.  i did add a few to each pile; the background will be white.  most likely this will be donated at some point and will probably be tied, too, instead of hand quilted.  my hand quilting list is already overflowing.  ***  this is a (mostly) day off for me but i've got a list as usual.  first is diet pepsi; need some added "oomph" to get thru that list.  *** the temp last night when i arrived home just after 11 pm was 47 degrees; oh yeah, it is definitely spring now!


  1. Nice and Spring-y color choices to keep you happy as you work on it!

  2. Yes, very Springy! Which Bonnie pattern will you be creating? You have probably said and I just can't recall.

  3. Fun fun! I can't wait to see what you make!


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